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2013 NFL Draft Round 1 open thread

Join us here to talk about what happens during the first round.


Well, after months of mock drafts, debate and conjecture, the actual NFL Draft is here. At 5 PM Arizona time it will begin and, at about 6 PM Arizona time the Arizona Cardinals will make their selection with the seventh pick overall, provided there is no trade up or down.

This year's draft should be fun. Last year there were trades, but because of the quarterbacks at the top of the draft, most people knew what was going to happen. This year, there are a lot of unknowns. Where will the first quarterback be drafted? Will Geno Smith be drafted in the top 10? What about Matt Barkley? Will he be taken in the first round? And Manti Te'o? Where will he go?

Offensive line talent is all the talk. There may be three off the board before the Arizona Cardinals even pick. There could be a guard taken in the top 10.

Turn on ESPN or NFL Network. Stay here on this open thread. Pay attention to Twitter, although the ESPN guys have said they will not tweet picks. I personally don't care.

But here is where you can talk about the draft, the trades, the picks and whether or not the teams are making good moves.

As a reminder, keep discussion in accordance with the site guidelines.

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