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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals very unlikely to trade up, taking calls to trade down

The Cardinals need every one of their picks and perhaps more.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we get ready for the NFL Draft that will occur this evening, there is one thing that seem pretty certain. The Arizona Cardinals, despite projections that the top three offensive tackles perhaps will be unavailable by the time the seventh pick comes around, will likely not be trading up.

General manager Steve Keim spoke to reporter Kent Somers and told him that it was "doubtful" they would move up in the first round, but that they were taking calls from teams who wanted to move up and swap picks with Arizona. However, those discussions were all only in the preliminary stages.

If the Cardinals were to trade down, they would still likely be able to pick up a talented pass rusher (Jarvis Jones?) or an offensive linemen, perhaps Chance Warmack, Jonathan Copper or D.J. Fluker. They would also be able to pick up another selection later on in the draft to either select an additional player or to use as an asset to move up in a later round to get a player they are targeting, but might not be available when their next pick is up.

The Cardinals typically do not move around much in the draft. They have not made a move in the first round since 2003, when they traded down to have two picks in the first round, when they picked up Bryant Johnson and Calvin Pace. In later rounds, they have been known to move up. They did so to draft Daryl Washington, Alan Branch and John Skelton. As noted by the players mentioned in both moving up and down, the team has had mixed results.

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