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Arizona Cardinals first round choice, Jonathan Cooper

After being a relatively surprise with the seventh pick in the NFL Draft, the North Carolina guard may need some introduction.


After the run of offensive tackles at the beginning of the NFL draft, the Arizona Cardinals made North Carolina's Jonathan Cooper the first guard taken in the top ten since 1997.

But since he came from the blindside, so to speak, he may need a little introduction.

This is where the Cardinals public relations director Mark Dalton comes in with a boatload on information on the first offensive lineman drafted by the Cardinals since Levi Brown in 2007.

And did you know he's of the few Tarheels to be selected in the first round of any sport along with Micheal Jordan? And that he relishes the comparison?

Another edition of "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper":

And then, an ESPN article of Cooper perhaps being TOO nice for a guy that should be nasty in the trenches:

So, while the selection may have been unexpected, the move was planned.