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2013 NFL Draft: Where's the beef?

The selection of six of the first 11 picks being offensive lineman reminds the league that skill players aren't the only necessity in today's pass-happy league.


16 of the last 19 first choices in the NFL draft had been quarterbacks.

2 defensive tackles, Courtney Brown by the Browns in 2000, Mario Williams with Houston in 2006 and the sole offensive lineman drafted first since Orlando Pace - Jake Long in 2008 were the exceptions.

Then, the 2013 draft happened with the first two draft picks going the way of tackles for the first time since the 1970 merger. It followed quickly with the other member of the tackle triumvirate Lane Johnson going to the Eagles at 4 and DJ Fluker heading to San Diego at 11. The inside members of the line was represented with Jonathan Cooper going to the desert at 7 and the presumed-favorite guard, Chance Warmack picked by Tennessee.

So could old school "three yards and a cloud of dust" and "running to the daylight" be making a comeback in today's throwing-centric times? Are the big uglies making a comeback? Or was the position just the most talented and deep this season?

Is this an aberration with the fatboys or a current trend?

More than likely, only the late Clara Peller knows.

And surprisingly, she isn't talking.