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2013 NFL Draft Day 2 schedule, TV coverage, Cardinals coverage

What do you need to know to follow the NFL Draft for rounds two and three?

Al Bello

Round one of the NFL Draft is in the books. It was fun. We still have Geno Smith and Manti Te'o waiting to be drafted. We get two rounds and it starts earlier. It's perfect for the start to the weekend. Grab a bite to eat, something to drink and sit and relax the rest of the evening.

Schedule for Day 2:

Rounds 2 selections begin at 6:30 Eastern/3:30PM Arizona time.

TV coverage: All picks will be aired on ESPN and NFL Network

Web/Twitter coverage: We will have an open thread here to discuss the draft. You can follow @revengeofbirds or @senorjessroot for commentary and news

Rules: For Round 2, each team has seven minutes to make their pick. For Round 3, the time shrinks to five minutes.

Arizona Cardinals selections: They hold the sixth pick in the second round (38th overall) and the seventh pick in the third round (69th overall)

Possible positional targets: More offensive line, outside linebacker, inside linebacker, safety, tight end.

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