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2013 NFL Draft results: Arizona Cardinals swap picks in 2nd round with San Diego Chargers

The Cards move back and


The Arizona Cardinals made a trade in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. They originally had the sixth pick in the round, the 38th selection overall. They have moved down to the 45th pick, swapping with the San Diego Chargers.

In return the Cardinals will get a fourth round pick. With the pick, the Chargers drafted linebacker Manti Te'o.

In the trade, the Cardinals now have the 45th pick (in the second round) and also the 110th pick overall, which is the 13th pick in the fourth round.

Now with two fourth round picks, the Cards can pick up an additional player on Saturday or use it as an asset to move up and draft a player they really want but do not believe will be available when their pick comes up.

The Cardinals now have the 45th, 69th, 103rd, 110th, 140th, 174th and 219th picks left in the draft.

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