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Arizona Cardinal Patrick Peterson talks of Honey Badger selection

Arizona Cardinals Public Relations Director Mark Dalton provides some introspection from the former LSU cornerback about the former LSU cornerback.

Kevin C. Cox

The Arizona Cardinals made Tyrann Mathieu, the much debated small, reportedly - drug -issued CB their selection in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft.

Regardless of need or best player available, Mathieu draws more attention than flies on Cody Brown. You just want a BIG flyswatter, to get the nagging insects away from what you deem the most important.

Mathieu has been the life of the party, evidently literally, then the downer when the "Cody Brown" hit the fan with his drug suspensions. (Tyrann, not Cody.) Some have said "It's only just a marijuana problem", which is quickly being perceived to be similar to an alcoholic that wants to be a NASCAR driver (Busch brothers, anyone?) or someone that only uses heroin as a weekend activity yet quits when 5 am Monday rolls around.

If you're as deep in the affliction as reported, it's going to be tough to break that addiction, regardless of recreational use. And while the NFL drug testing does have loopholes, pot is a substance that can bring suspension, ask Ricky Williams.

Mathieu spent several weeks with now teammate Patrick Peterson in hopes of "scaring him straight" and he effused about the possibility of he and the Badger playing together:

And I'm sure Peterson has his heart in the right place.

Does Honey Badger?