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2013 NFL Draft reactions: Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians explains Tyrann Mathieu selection

ESPN talked to the Cards head coach, who talked about the team's three draft picks so far, with particular mention of Tyrann Mathieu.

The Arizona Cardinals made some noise around the league on Friday with their third round selection of the "Honey Badger" Tyrann Mathieu, who went from Heisman Trophy candidate to kicked off the team with LSU. head coach Bruce Arians talked about Mathieu in particular, but also about the other draft picks the team made -- Jonathan Cooper and Kevin Minter.

What should we pay attention to?

For one, he mentioned that Cooper possibly would play center.

As for Mathieu, he praised the honesty with which Mathieu spoke of his issues when he spoke to the team. He called him "intelligent" and he received glowing recommendations from Patrick Peterson and newly drafted Kevin Minter.

Arians spoke of how Mathieu had already "paid enough" for his past. It will be interesting to see if his transformation is complete and he can keep from doing the same immature stuff he did while in college.

As it was mentioned more than once on the draft broadcast, Mathieu might not get another chance after the Cardinals. Some teams had completely taken him off their boards.

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