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2013 NFL Draft trade: Arizona Cardinals trade 110th pick to the New York Giants

Cardinals looking for value and more picks to add talent on the team.


The Arizona Cardinals had two fourth round picks at the start of Day 3 in the NFL Draft -- picks 103 and 110. They used the 103rd pick to select Alex Okafor. They had acquired the 110th pick from the San Diego Chargers when they swapped second round picks.

The Cardinals then traded the 110th pick to the New York Giants for the the 116th pick and the 187th pick (a sixth round selection).

With the 110th selection, the Giants selected quarterback Ryan Nassib.

Arizona now has five picks remaining in the draft.

Round 4, Pick 19 (116 overall, from Giants)

Round 5, Pick 7 (140 overall)

Round 6, Pick 6 (174 overall)

Round 6, Pick 19 (187 overall, from Giants)

Round 7, Pick 13 (219 overall, from Panthers through Raiders)

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