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2013 NFL Draft results: Arizona Cardinals find their speedy receiver in WR Ryan Swope

With their first of two sixth-round selections, the Arizona Cardinals have chosen Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With the 174th selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals have selected Texas A&M wide receiver Ryan Swope. He fits Bruce Arians' desire to add a wide receiver who runs in the 4.3's.

From the Mile High Report,

Don’t expect to see Swope drafted as early as some of the other WR prospects due to his lack of not looking as attractive on paper as those prospects ranked ahead of him. Swope has the tools to remain on any team’s roster for a long time. I admire his witty route running. He has the knowledge and fundamentals to throw DBs off of his routes when breaking off his routes by sticking one way then breaking in the opposite direction. Not only is he a polished route runner he has great hands and reels in balls if they are within his reach. I am not sure that Swope can be effective at all ranges of the passing game, but I do believe he can be a very effective possession WR in this league who occasionally makes the big plays, and rarely makes mistakes. That being said, don’t be surprised if Swope has as long and as productive of a career as any WR in this draft.

Swope’s impressive build allows him to run with a surprising amount of power for a wide receiver; he also demonstrates a fearlessness over the middle and a willingness to fight for extra yardage after contact. For this reason the Aggies have even utilized the former high school running back on a handful of reverses over his career. Swope has reliable hands and can adjust to balls thrown away from his body. His savvy allows him to ward off press coverage in order to get open, and Swope is agile enough to create enough separation to make the catch.

Swope sounds like a player that will contribute for the Cardinals primarily in the slot, and if he can harness his impressive Combine times, he could be a star in the league for a long time.