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2013 NFL Draft results: RB Andre Ellington to the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals wrap up their sixth round by taking Andre Ellington, RB, Clemson with the 187th pick.

Streeter Lecka

Arizona opts for value with their second pick, taking Andre Ellington, a running back out of Clemson. Many had him rated as a player who should have been drafted a couple rounds earlier.

Matthew Fairburn's notes, via SB Nation:

Ellington relies on his quickness to make defenders miss at the line of scrimmage and break into the secondary. He manages to reach his top speed in a hurry and changes direction with ease.
Ellington is a terrific one-cut back who explodes in and out of his breaks. He is also a very decisive runner, which makes him a perfect fit for a zone blocking scheme.
Ellington is a true burner who can reach a gear not many players can match. He gets to the edge in a hurry and simply runs away from defenders on occasion.

Occasionally, Ellington displayed questionable vision last season. He would get stuffed at the line because of running straight into defenders instead of finding cut back lanes.
As a smaller back, Ellington isn't terribly difficult to bring down. He doesn't break a ton of tackles.
While Ellington would seem to have the skills to be a threat out of the backfield, he hasn't put it all together in his career at Clemson. He also isn't much of a pass blocker. Will need to improve in these areas to show added value to NFL teams.

The Cardinals final remaining selection is the 13th pick in the seventh round, via the Oakland Raiders.