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2013 NFL Draft grades: What does the Arizona Cardinals draft deserve?

While it usually takes three seasons or so to sort out an appropriate response to players a team selects, some people like to jump the gun and give an impulsive view.


Now with the annual thousands of mock drafts being done totally destroyed come draft day by - you know by the actual draft - comes the next inevitable: the omnipresent draft grade, which sells papers and site hits but is just as much speculation as the mocks that sets up the grading premise in the first place.

So let's begin with the Kansas City Star, which is a reputable newspaper, and their report card:

In it, the teacher gives the Cardinals a "B" for the guards taken, Tyrann Mathieu being a "difference maker" and Alex Okafor having the ability to be a pass rush specialist. But gives Ryan Swopes a "D-" for constant head-banging at the chalkboard.

Next, we have Tampa Bay Buccaneer reporter, the respected Ira Kaufman, who places a "B" at the top of the page with a smiley face encircled and underlined:

He appreciates the overall draft with possible starting jobs for Mathieu. and Kevin Minter.

No word on whether Jonathan Cooper plays well with others, though.

And finally, we have the Sporting News passing judgement like it's nobody's business, though they refuse to say if the players selected are courteous and show good manners in the classroom:

The author likes the "surefire" starters like Cooper, Minter, and Okafor. Just skips the part where they are attentive and actively learning with the teacher's direction.

Ahh, report cards. Though based on numbers and facts, almost totally subjective, just like mock drafts.