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Arizona Cardinals reportedly land several undrafted free agent rookies to fill roster

Almost as crazy as the draft itself seems, the mad rush to get talented undrafted guys is almost inexplicable. iple


The NFL Draft is over, but teams were quite busy after it was over. That is because once the draft is over, they have to make a mad dash to sign the undrafted rookies they want to add to their rosters. These players are hungry and many are talented. Some will make a few bucks as a practice player and will get to show off late in games in the preseason to try and get some film out there for teams to scout.

Some will go back to regular jobs, or will bounce between the practice squad, or on and off of NFL rosters. A few will become reserve players and a few will make a huge impact.

Who do the Arizona Cardinals have so far? According to our SB Nation UDFA tracker, the team has added eight.

Now, full disclosure. It is tough to know for sure if ALL these players in the reports are actually coming. Players many times have multiple offers, say one thing and then do another. So things could change until the team actually announces the signings.

Here is who is reported so far:

Dan Buckner, WR, Arizona

Joe Caprioglio, OL, Colorado State

Javon Harris, S, Oklahoma

Tony Jefferson, S, Oklahoma

Jamaal Johnson-Webb, OL, Alabama A&M

Padric Scott, DT, Florida A&M

Ronnie Yell, CB, San Jose State

Michael Zordich, FB, Penn State (This is an interesting signing. His father played for the Cardinals in the 90s at safety. He is currently coaching safeties for the Philadelphia Eagles).

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