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Grading the 2010 Arizona Cardinals draft

Most experts say you can't grade a draft class until at least three years later. Well, this is the 3rd birthday for the the Cardinals 2010 selections. What gifts/ tantrums have they brought?

Jeff Zelevansky

Grades on the just completed NFL draft are ubiquitous. There's probably one in the latest edition of Mad magazine with Alfred E. Neuman looking at the choice of two running backs being chosen by the Cardinals with four players ahead of them and stating "What, me worry?" But a lot of pundits say you have to wait until their third season before you get an accurate snapshot of the class. And as fellow ROTBer Skii pointed out today, that would be the 2010 selections. So, let's get out our red sharpie and stick-on smiley faces and place a report card on the picks from three years ago.

Dan Williams

Was the 26th pick out of the first round after sliding a bit and was chosen by the Cards from Tennessee. Has played a 3-4 nose tackle primarily and a fairly decent run -stopper. Yet to have an NFL sack, was supposedly misused in former defensive coordinator Ray Horton's scheme and seemed to disappear at times. Rumored to be replaced by Star Lotulelei, he needs to show improvement while keeping weight down. Curious how he will fit in new DC Todd Bowles system.

Grade: A C- with an incomplete, because Williams hasn't had a consistent scheme to show his talents/ faults.

Daryl Washington

The 47th pick of the second round in 2010,Washington has risen up the ladder of NFL young stars. With 15 sacks, 4 interceptions and 3 forced fumbles from the inside linebacker position, this guy has proven to be a find, despite the four game suspension for substance abuse that will sideline him the first month of the season.

Grade: A+ . One of the best 2nd round draft selections by the Arizona Cardinals. Ever.

Andre Roberts

Number 88 in the third round, Roberts has played the outside deep threat opposite of Larry Fitzgerald with mixed results. Rookie year he only caught 24 passes for 307 yards, yet nearly doubled that his sophomore season with 51 - 586. 2012 brought 64- 759 and on my fantasy team, outranked Fitzgerald.

Grade: B+ . While probably never a Pro Bowler, he's been a pleasant surprise.

O' Brien Schofeld

Originally thought to be a first rounder, Schofeld dropped to the Cardinals in the fourth round because of ACL injury suffered in the Senior Bowl. He's been up and down since with injuries and uninspired play. Has had 10.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles but can't seem to stay healthy.

Grade: C with the above Williams caveat. Interesting to see how he fits in Bowles system.

John Skelton

Talk about a lightning rod. Evidently, either you were a Skelton fan or a hater, there was no gray area. The fifth round QB from Fordham was pressed into action and won games, then given the starting nod for the season only to lose it to Kevin Kolb, then starting again when Kolb was injured and unceremoniously dumped for Ryan Lindley. He was released this offseason and signed by the Bengals.

Grade: B- . No matter how you slice it -whether he was lucky or the defense was the difference - he won games.

Jorrick Calvin

Seventh round pick, he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles shortly thereafter for FB Charles Scott, who was just as inconsequential as Calvin.

Grade: You have to give this one a D, despite this being the last round of the draft. You still expect the player to make the roster.

Jim Dray

Also a seventh round guy, he unlike Calvin is still on the team. The third team tight end he still excels on special teams. Good blocker, yet nondescript player.

Grade: B . Seventh round selections usually don't outlast the career longevity of the average NFL player.

Overall grade: B- . Not bad, not great. A lot will seem to determine on how Williams and Schofeld perform.

What thinks you?