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Highlights of Carson Palmer introductory press conference

The veteran quarterback is excited for his chance in Arizona.


Quarterback Carson Palmer was introduced to the media on Tuesday after he was acquired via trade from the Oakland Raiders. Here are some of the key things that were said.

Catch the whole presser here or use the embedded player.

Bruce Arians on who will start.

"All of you have asked me about the quarterback position. I'm here to introduce our starting quarterback and put it to bed, and I'm really happy about it."

Carson Palmer on the team wanting to win.

"I can tell that this organization is serious about winning now...This team, this organization is for real about winning, and I'm excited to be a part of that."

On his departure from the Raiders:

"I was presented with a contract there, and I was advised not to sign that contract with no securities and no guarantees. My agent told me that he would never have me sign that contract, and that opportunity led me here to Coach Arians."

On how excited he is to have Larry Fitzgerald as a target:

"I don't know if there's a word...very?"

His motivation...

"It's nothing personal, it's nothing statistical. It's about winning a championship."

Arians on his quarterbacks:

"I think our quarterback room right now is as strong as anybody's in the National Football League, and that's what we set out to do as an organization."

Why the Cardinals situation was right for him:

"This opportunity arose, and it was a chance to start, a chance to play for a guy that I've had a lot of respect for, a chance to come to a city that is just four years removed from a Super Bowl and a fanbase, and not just a city...a state that is hungry for a taste of that again. A brand new, beautiful stadium, a very competitive division, a very difficult division to play in as an offense because they have great defenses. It's just a great opportunity every which way."

Arians on Palmer's fit in the offense:

"I don't think there's been anyone better than Carson the past few years, eight or nine or however it's been, throwing the ball down the football field."

On whether the Cardinals as a possibility were on his mind before the trade talks started:

"Not until Friday when I got a call from my agent."

On his body and playing:

"I know I have a lot of tread left on my tires."

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