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ROTB Roundtable: John Skelton, Carson Palmer, and NFC West Moves

It's been an eventful last few days for the Cardinals.

Christian Petersen

Along with some major acquisition, comes a few questions. The ROTB Writing Staff takes their swing at answering three of these.

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1) Do you agree with the team's releasing of John Skelton?

D.L. Parsons: Unfortunately, yes. Skelton was given every oppurtunity to seize the day, so to speak, and he failed. I was hoping that he could get coached up by the new regime. Alas, it was not to be.

Jesse Reynolds: Yes. For all the opportunities Skelton had to be the man he just couldn't get it done. The guy has major accuracy problems and though he could make some huge throws, he would mostly miss the easy ones. It was maddening. I hope we can end our obsession with "big" arm QBs. Bruce Arians scares me with his "big arm" quote because it sounds a lot like Whisenhunt circa 2009. Anderson, Skelton and Lindley? Stanton and possibly Glennon? Too similar to me.

AndyStandsUp: Yeah, like everyone has said, it was inevitable. Though both he and Lindley had basically the same contract numbers, Skelton has had his chance. I still think he can be a backup somewhere else. Loved his ability to stay in the pocket.

Alex Mann: I do. Skelton had several times to be a starter, more than most QB's let around 5th round QB's get the chance to do. I'll miss Skelton and his even-keel persona, but I hope he does get one last chance to start in the NFL.

Jess Root: He would be the odd man out. Plus, Bruce Arians wants to completely remake the quarterback position. If you have to pick between Skelton and Lindley, you know less about Lindley, so you keep him. Unfortunately that means John is out.

(This question was asked before the Carson Palmer trade had been finalazed)

2) As of right now, most reports seem to indicate that a deal for Carson Palmer is inevitable. Would you be happy to receive him?

D.L. Parsons: Palmer is far and away the best QB on the market, in the draft, or potentially on the roster.

Jesse Reynolds: Yes. Palmer isn't an elite QB but he has good pocket awareness, doesn't turn it over too often and can operate in the red zone. With his numbers last year and the play of the defense, the Cardinalscould have contended for the wild card. Stanton is an unknown and Hoyer could be just a flash in the pan, so a QB like Palmer gives the Cardinals an established signal caller. It must also mean that the Cardinals think they can contend because otherwise they are wasting everyone's time with a stop-gap solution that could further set back the team.

AndyStandsUp: I was ambivalent at first, but if there is not a first round pick worthy in management's eyes, then Palmer will be a wise choice as a stop gap. And no one can argue about the price that was paid - absolute steal.

Alex Mann: I am excited to have him. He adds a dimension at QB that has been missing since Kurt Warner, and that a proven record. By no means am I connecting the dots that they are equal, but Palmer is the best QB since Warner has left

3) The NFC West has been active lately on the QB front. What do you think of the 49ers trade for QBColt McCoy, and the Seahawks trading away of Matt Flynn?

D.L. Parsons: Flynn had to go. He makes too much money for a backup. Although, if Wilson goes down injured, they're gonna miss him...49ers flew very quietly under the radar in picking up McCoy. Nice coup by the 9ers. McCoy isn't CK, but he is a decent placeholder. With the addition of Palmer, the NFC West becomes a visiting team's worst nightmare...

Jesse Reynolds: I think the Niners secured a solid backup for the pick. Colt has experience and can at least manage a game, especially with all the talent that will be around him. He's better than anyone the Niners would have been able to draft this year. For the Seahawks, I believe they also got a good deal. They did waste a year of salary on Flynn but were able to secure two picks in compensation.

AndyStandsUp: Niners make themselves stronger, as if they weren't good enough. McCoy will bypassScott Tolzien as Colin Kaepernick as backup and provide good option if DCs can stop the read option. Picking up Nnamdi Ashomuga for 3 mil a year, also a very good signing.

Alex Mann: Seahawks made the right move. I think Flynn is overrated, but he deserves his shot to start in the NFL. He was robbed of it last season, but it wound up working out for the Seahawks. I think the McCoy trade was smart was well, but it's not fair for him. I really think he deserves a fair shake in the NFL. Playing in the AFC North is no way to introduce a QB to the NFL with the likes of James Harrison, Troy Polomalu, Ed Reed, and Ray Lewis in that division. That coupled with having no receivers and a poor Defense really didn't help.

Jess Root: What does it mean? It means that the Cardinals have a chance in the division if Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick get hurt. Colt McCoy doesn't scare anyone and if the rumors are true, Matt Leinart would be the guy in Seattle. Both teams got weaker at the position overall (downgrading their backups), but that happens when you have able backups.