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2013 NFL Draft grades: Jonathan Cooper was A+ pick for Arizona Cardinals

Some post-draft reactions, finding the A+ player that each team got in the draft.


Immediately following the NFL Draft, fans and media alike try to make sense of the players selected and give grades. It really doesn't make sense to do it so quickly, but it is natural.

In one draft analysis, the goal was to determine which player selected for each team was their 'A+' selection.

For the Arizona Cardinals, it didn't take long in the draft to find that player. According to SB Nation's Dan Kadar, it is Jonathan Cooper, whom they selected with the seventh overall pick in the draft.

You don't draft a guard in the top 10 if you don't expect him to start as a rookie. Cooper will do that on the left side of Arizona's spotty offensive line.

Kadar didn't stop there, though. He wrote that running back Stepfan Taylor is the team's "late round find," citing that he fits well with what head coach Bruce Arians likes to do offensively. "He's got good enough speed, but his game is built on power and breaking tackle," he wrote.

The most intriguing undrafted rookie the team has is receiver Dan Buckner.

At Arizona, Buckner never quite lived up to the hype he had out of high school as a Texas recruit. But he has the pure potential and size and develop into a solid receiver if given the chance.

I have to agree that Cooper is the "A+" pick. He is going to make a big difference on the line. That will be noted in the running game and the passing game. Whether that turns into actual wins is a different story, but it looks like the team is headed in the right direction.

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