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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals to have private workout with QB Matt Barkley

Now you can take a look at how players stack up against their positional average.

Steve Dykes

The NFL draft is three weeks away. The Arizona Cardinals have set themselves up for the quarterback position this year with the trade for Carson Palmer. However, Bruce Arians said that the trade will not necessarily keep them from drafting a quarterback, although Arians said that the player would have to stand out a lot.

As part of doing their draft legwork, apparently there is at least mild interest in another USC quarterback -- Matt Barkley, as Adam Schefter is reporting that the Cardinals will hold a private workout with him.

The team worked out Mike Glennon already. They only had a scout for Geno Smith's pro day. When Barkley's name comes up, it sparks a lot f debate about whether he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL and lead a team to the playoffs.

Barkley might be still available when the Cardinals make their second round selection. Should they consider taking Barkley and letting one former USC star mentor another?

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