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2013 NFL Schedule: Arizona Cardinals play Packers, Cowboys, Chargers and Broncos in preseason

They get the Packers and Broncos, and Ken Whisenhunt returns with the Chargers.

Christian Petersen

We get our first taste of NFL games. The league has announced the preseason schedule, at least sort of. The Arizona Cardinals know who will be their preseason opponents and the approximate dates when they will play them.

The Cards will kick off their preseason between August 8-11, playing at the legendary Lambeau Field against the Green Bay Packers. Considering the weather, it would make a great trip to get out of the Phoenix heat and to see the Cards in their first game action.

Then the Dallas Cowboys come to town. They will play Dallas at home between August 15-19. If I recall, as part of the league realignment that sent the Cards away from the NFC East, Arizona gets to play the Cowboys at home at least every couple of years, whether it be in the preseason or during the regular season (ticket sales, baby).

Between August 22-25, the Cards will then host the San Diego Chargers, That means Ken Whisenhunt returns. That will be fun for the media, who will undoubtedly want to interview him.

Arizona will close out the preseason slate with a familiar opponent -- the Denver Broncos, who seem to the the Cards' final opponent yearly. That means watching Brock Osweiler (but on TV), as teams typically play their starters very little.

Are you excited?

Now in the next couple of weeks we will know the regular season schedule and hopefully training camp info not too long after that.

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