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Arizona Cardinals placekickers not nearly on tee to Lion's Jason Hanson

After Jason Hanson announced retirement on Thursday, following 21 seasons with the same team, reminded me that the Cardinals franchise hasn't been that fortunate, (not even close) since moving to Arizona.

Leon Halip

Jason Hanson was a Detroit Lion. He'll always be a Detroit Lion. Heck, if he's ever elected into the NFL Hall of fame as only the second true placekicker (Jan Stenerud) he'll go as a Lion. (Yes, they don't get team "helmets", but the perception, will be Detroit.)

The Arizona Cardinals on the other hand (or foot), well...

The club did have Jim Bakken, their all-time leading scorer - but that was before the move from St. Louis.

And Neil Rackers DID send his cleats to the Hall after making 40 FGs and scoring a then-record of 140 season points, but he spent less than a third of Hanson's tenure here in the desert.

Meanwhile, the team has been trying to put their best foot forward, but mostly tripping on guys like Mike Nugent, Nick Novak, Todd Peterson, Tim Duncan (taking a break from the Spurs, evidently) and Cedric Oglesby. Yes, THAT Cedric Oglesby.

And while players such as Kevin Butler, Greg Davis and Chris Jacke (no doubt) made kicks to win games, who does everyone think of of when you say the phrase "Arizona Cardinals Kicker"?

Yep, majority would say, Bill Gramatica. The guy who kicked a FG in the first half against the Giants in 2001 and then jumped in the air in celebratory fashion and promptly tore his ACL.An injury that many have been mocking as the "most kharma-like" as all-time. Something you would expect to win $10,000 on "America's Funniest Home Videos". Something I think Hanson has never done.

But then again, I don't think the Lions drafted a PK with the 32 pick like the Cardinals did in 1986 (John Lee) only to cut him after one season.

And ain't that a kick in the head.