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Carson Palmer's Take On The Cardinals

Recently Carson Palmer was on the Doug and Wolf show and discussed the Cardinals and why he was happy to be on the team.

Carson Palmer at his press introduction
Carson Palmer at his press introduction

Carson Palmer was interviewed recently on the Doug and Wolf Show and was asked several questions about the team and was very optimistic about being the starting QB for the Cardinals.

When asked why he was happy to apart of the Cardinals he responded that it was the best opportunity for him. He mentioned that there were several other opportunities available to him but that when the Cardinals approached him he thought that it was a "hands down no-brainer." Of the reasons why he indicated that he had a very good knowledge of Arizona and that the Cardinals offered the best deal because of the coaching staff, the players drafted and the players acquired in free agency.

Palmer was than asked about his thoughts on Bruce Arians. Palmer gave high-praise and seemed enthusiastic to work with him. Palmer said that he wants to work in Arian's offense because Arians "wants to score; he wants to put the ball up and down the field. He wants to score a point per minute of possession." Palmer than went on to talk about playing against Arian's offense when Arian was in Pittsburgh and relishing the idea of being able to step into this throws and move the ball up and down the field and let the play makers on the outside make plays.

When asked about the receiving core Palmer talked exclusively about working with Larry Fitzgerald. He called Fitzgerald "as professional as they come" and that Fitzgerald created a trickle down effect that makes "average receivers really good and good receivers great."

Palmer was even more knowledgeable about the Cardinals offensive line than most of the main stream media. When asked about the line he indicated that he wasn't concerned because he realized last year was an anomaly as normally most teams don't lose as many players to injury as the Cardinals did on the offensive line. Palmer stated that believed the coaching they would receive from the staff will get everyone better their position.

Finally Palmer was asked to describe himself and besides repeating that he knew him time in the league was limited, that he also had a dog that didn't listen to him which begs the question, if a man can't get the respect of his own dog how will he ever be able to get the respect of men? Palmer has been a solid QB in his career and it seems by his tone and excitement that the Cardinals are presenting him the best opportunity he has had as a professional. Hopefully Palmer experiences a renaissance and makes the Cardinals competitive in the toughest conference in football.