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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper projects Eric Fisher and defensive end for Arizona Cardinals

The ESPN draft expert mocks the first two rounds of the NFL draft and there are a couple of surprises.


Since the NFL Draft is three weeks away, the big guns at ESPN need to get some attention. Mel Kiper, who is one of the biggest names in the business, just released his mock draft 4.0, which includes both the first and second roundsand if you are an Arizona Cardinals fan, you will be very pleased with who the team lands and surprised with the pick in the second round.

Kiper believes that tackle Eric Fisher, who in many mocks is gone by pick number five, will be available for the Cardinals to select at number seven. Kiper writes that "keeping (Carson) Palmer upright should be the top priority" and suggests that if Fisher is gone, they would go in a direction like Lane Johnson. Completely understandable.

Now, even with the surprise drop of Fisher to the seventh pick, the offensive linemen are the stars at the top of the draft. Six of the first 12 are linemen, including two guards, and the crazy part is that Chance Warmack isn't even the first guard taken.

Now, as for the Cardinals' second round selection, you would probably expect another lineman, a quarterback or maybe even a pass rushing outside linebacker. Kiper says no, that it will defensive end Datone Jones from UCLA. Kiper describes him as "a perfect fit in their scheme, Jones is an interior penetrator at defensive end."

While part of me thinks there is probably just as talented a player at a position of need, considering Darnell Dockett is getting older, this could be the way to get better production out of him by giving him some young competition and also a way to prepare for the inevitability that Dockett's skills will decline.

Two pick, two potential long-term impact players. That would be exactly the way you want things to turn out.

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