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NFC West news: Seattle Seahawks to look at Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn to back up Russell Wilson

If either signs with the Seahawks, they will not be in the best shape should Russell Wilson go down.

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Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

2012 was kind to the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks when it came to their quarterbacking situations. They both had backups that were expected to be starters but were outshined by the younger players. But what happens when you have a backup that could and perhaps should be a starting quarterback is that they leave to start elsewhere, whether it be for salary purposes or for the player in question. That means looking for a backup.

In the case of the Seahawks, they are reportedly turning to a couple of first round flameouts. According to the USA Today, Seattle is going to take a look at Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn to replace Matt Flynn on the roster, who was traded to the Oakland Raiders.

Cardinals fans remember Leinart well, as he was drafted by Arizona to be the team's franchise quarterback. After a promising rookie season, he was beaten out by Kurt Warner in 2008 for the starting job and then in 2010 by Derek Anderson. Since then he has accomplished little other than collect a paycheck.

Leinart has been connected to the Seahawks since 2011, as his former college coach Pete Carroll now leads the Seahawks.

Quinn is also the poster boy for first round quarterback busts, fizzling out of Cleveland, Denver and Kansas City.

As for why this perhaps is of interest to Arizona Cardinals fans, imagine if either Leinart or Quinn is the number two guy behind Russell Wilson. What if Wilson got hurt for any reason or suffered a sophomore slump? They would then turn to...Leinart or Quinn.

Seattle would not look nearly so tough an opponent.

Seattle clearly is taking a step back at quarterback this offseason. Arizona is making huge strides.

Matt Leinart? OK, stop laughing now. But that would make for some interesting football.

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