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2013 NFL free agents: Former Saint Sedrick Ellis going to the Arizona Cardinals?

The New Orleans Saints defensive tackle/ nose guard could be replacing Dan Williams.

Jason Miller

XTRA Sports 910 host and Arizona Cardinal insider Mike Jurecki posted an interesting twit this morning - the Arizona Cardinals MIGHT be interested in signing New Orleans Saints free agent DT/NT Sedrick Ellis.

While this signing, if true, would impact mostly Darnell Dockett and Dan Williams. He would likely play defensive end in the thirty front and defensive tackle in the forty. And while he played at All American level at USC at the nose guard position, he seems a little light in the loafers to play nose tackle at the NFL level.

But this is the second reference I've heard of the reported disappointment of Williams in the last couple of weeks. (And a warning: I'm just a Walmart worker that scours the web, not a professional.) And for that matter, Dockett isn't guaranteed a roster spot, either. He's been a highly controversial player that carries a high salary -- that combination carries a high amount of risk.

Williams has reported either a little overweight or out of condition his first few seasons. He suffered a broken arm in 2011. While being a run stopper, hasn't been worth the first pick he was valued at. Maybe displaced, maybe could be replaced.

Dockett has been hot and cold. Instrumental in Super Bowl season, he has had a littany of off field incidences and as far as I know, yet to restructure his contract while several others Cardinals have. Coupled with the NY Jets game when he refused to let the team score to get the ball back and the supposed Kerry Rhodes aftermath, you'd have to think he is treading shallow water.

While I think the rumor is mostly a wake up call for both players, it could come to fruition if the front office thinks Ellis would be an improvement over the other two.