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2013 NFL Draft: This is why drafts are left to the pros

In my series of articles, I picked some draft picks correctly, and some wrong. Just like every one else. Let’s hit the instant replay and see where I eat crow.


In my series of articles, I picked some draft picks correctly, and some wrong. Just like every one else. Let's hit the instant replay and see where I eat crow.


I said I’d like to see an inside linebacker selected. And my wish came true; Kevin Minter of LSU was selected! A few undrafted free agent LBs were signed, also. I also wished for ex-Card and ex-Dolphin Karlos Dansby to return to the nest. May not see that wish come true…


I correctly called it that Dee Milliner would be available at the #7 pick. However, Milliner was bypassed for Jonathan Cooper, who we needed more than Milliner. A win-win in anyone’s book, really!


I called for a safety to be drafted, and Tyrann Mathieu was selected. He didn’t play that position in college regularly, but the Cards think he can potentially replace Adrian Wilson as the hard-hitting, playmaking defender every team needs. The team also signed a pair of Oklahoma safeties.

Defensive Ends:

I called for a defensive lineman to be taken somewhere in the draft, and TexasAlex Okafor was there at the right time. I also thought that Nick Eason would make a quality depth backup. However, the Cards signed some undrafted free agents instead. However, Okafor is being groomed to play outside linebacker.

Nose Tackle:

I called for one to be taken late in the draft, but was stiffed.


I thought that our "QB room" was pretty solid, but called for one to be taken in the third round if we really needed one. We didn’t, so we didn’t.


I called for NO punter to be drafted, and we didn’t. Instead, the team signed a free agent instead. Still a win for me.


No draft pick was expended here, as I recommended. Another win!

Punt/Kickoff Returner:

No draft pick was used to get a returner, solely to return kicks. However, I foresee a Dynamic Duo of Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu used at strategic and timely points in games. Should be fun to watch! Don’t go to the fridge for a beer if this happens!

Long Snapper:

None were drafted. A free agent was brought in.

Wide Receivers:

I called for no draft pick of a wide receiver this year, since we are well stocked at this position. However, the front office did not agree, and picked Ryan Swope. He supposedly runs disciplined routes, and is a speed burner. However, he has concussion worries. The team also signed several WRs as undrafted free agents.

Tight Ends:

I called for a TE to not be picked, since the top rated ones would most likely be taken by the time the team got around to finding one. Well, they found one in the seventh round, DC Jefferson. He will probably be beat out by Jim Dray, so this was a wasted pick, in my opinion.

Running Back:

I nailed this one! The Cards picked my pick, Andre Ellington. And also picked up Stepfan Taylor, to boot. I cautioned against Marcus Lattimore, because of injury concerns. So, our good frenemies the 49ers took him.


I wasn’t in favor of drafting one, and the team did not. They signed one as an undrafted free agent.


I stressed experience over youth here. We didn’t really need one; someone among the plethora of offensive linemen the team has signed lately can fill in if needed. The team didn’t pick one in the draft.


Well, I definitely nailed this one! I called for the team to pick a guard at #7, which they did. Only I picked the wrong one, Chance Warmack. The team instead picked Jonathan Cooper. I also was in favor of another guard picked later in the draft. And the team picked Earl Warford. Double score here.


I called for the team to take a tackle if one of the top three were available at #7. Well, they went 1-2-4, leaving the door open to pick Cooper. Score here, since I liked Warmack…

I think I did better here than many pro pickers across the country. You may disagree. It’s your constitutional right to do so. So, ROTB Best and Brightest, what say you?