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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Arizona Cardinals projected to be among league's worst, pick OT

The acquisition of Carson Palmer does not translate into a better record.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

What is a better thing to do after the completion of the 2013 NFL Draft than mock the 2014 NFL Draft? I can't think of anything seems crazy, but it is already happening. This year's draft class has yet to take the field, but we are looking ahead to 2014's potential draft class.

SB Nation's Dan Kadar already has a 2014 mock up, and if you are a Cardinals fan, you will not like him.

According to his projections, the Cards will pick up an offensive tackle, which I suppose isn't bad. However, in these projections, the Cards will end up with the fifth overall pick. In other words, the team will stink in 2013.

With the fifth pick, they take Luke Joeckel's former teammate -- tackle Jake Matthews. Writes Kadar:

One of the strange moves of the draft this year is the Cardinals not taking an offensive tackle. They'll soon find this year that relying on Levi Brown, Nate Potter or Bobby Massie at tackle isn't wise. Some contend that Matthews is a better prospect than former teammate Luke Joeckel.

Is Kadar right? Are the Cards destined for another 5-11 or 4-12 season? Will the tackles struggle again in 2013?

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