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2013 NFL Draft grades: CBS Sports analyst gives Arizona Cardinals an 'A'

Pete Prisco doesn't even mention the selection on Jonathan Cooper


Draft grades have been coming out since the completion of the 2013 NFL Draft. Some consider them pointless, but they at least give us a perspective of how the Arizona Cardinals organization is doing. So, until I run out of grades to find, I'm going to add a post on draft grades and the Cardinals most days until I run out of them.

So bear with me.

This set of grades comes from CBS Sports' Pete Prisco, who was a big fan of the work that Steve Keim and company did. He gives Arizona an 'A' and doesn't even mention the team's top pick -- guard Jonathan Cooper.

Prisco considered Alex Okafor as the team best pick, writing, "he had some big games as a pass rusher, so to get him in the fourth round is great value."

The one questionable move he considers is the selection of Tyrann Mathieu, but even then, he likes the risk.

He considers running back Andre Ellington as the team's third day gem. He "loves" the pick.

Overall, he praises general manager Steve Keim for his job running his first draft. writing "he came up big."

It is just another example of people thinking that the Cardinals put together a good draft, at least in terms of how talented the players appear to be and how they fit schematically.

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