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The logic behind the Karlos Dansby deal with Arizona Cardinals

It really is a deal that makes sense on both sides

Jamie Squire

When Karlos Dansby was released from the Miami Dolphins, he described it as "frustrating" and "humbling." He is a man that loves football and believes in getting paid for it, especially when he feels he can still play "at a high level."

He also likes winning.

So how did he end up with the Arizona Cardinals, a team that has not been winning, and with a one-year contract?

It made sense for both sides.

The Cardinals need a guy who can step in for a suspended Daryl Washington, whose skill set is pretty unique on the field. Dansby has a very similar skill set. The team needs leadership. Dansby can provide that as well. He is a hard worker and not an issue in the locker room.

Dansby had his price set "pretty high," he told the media. However, while he was getting offers from other teams, and plenty of them (Dansby cited the Bengals, Bills, Jets and Falcons), all he was getting were one-year deals, "which [he] wasn't even considering."

Things changed when Arizona called.

It became obvious he wasn't going to get exactly what he wanted in terms of length of contract and dollars. When the Cardinals called, they had something that other teams could not offer. He already has a paid off home in Arizona. He has cars and "Team Dansby," including his trainers, nutritional guys and others. They are all here.

This is why he told his agent to lower his price. It likely was not less than he was getting offered elsewhere. I imagine it was in that ballpark. But the fact that he won't have to pay for things like living arrangements and everything else means that he is keeping more of that money in his pocket.

He was supposed to make a little more than $6 million from his Dolphins contract. I would imagine that would be what he was seeking, or roughly that amount. If I had to guess, his one-year deal is going to be between $4-5 million. But that information will come out soon enough.

What matters is that the Cards get the player they want and Dansby got what he was going to get from the market, only he saves some money because he is coming back to a place he already calls home.

I have a feeling this is going work out well for all involved.

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