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NFL free agents 2013: How will Karlos Dansby fit in on the field?

Suddenly the Cardinals have a lot of players at inside linebacker

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The signing of Karlos Dansby has been viewed as a huge positive. They get a very capable replacement for Daryl Washington while he is out suspended for the first month of the season (and could end up being more if anything happens with his legal troubles). In the mix with rookie Kevin Minter, free agent signee Jasper Brinkley and returning player Reggie Walker, the ILB positions look very deep.

That is a great problem to have. But where exactly where he fit in?

You have to think he expects to start, especially since he wants to "be legendary." Now if Washington ends up missing significant time, it is easy. He steps in and starts for Washington.

What about after Washington's return?

Dansby has versatility. He said he can play either inside position

"I fit wherever I need to fit," he told the press. "I'm rare. I'm different, and that's a good thing."

So, if and when Washington returns, it creates an interesting position for Jasper Brinkley and rookie Kevin Minter.

At this point, Washington is the better player, so he will slip back into his position. Dansby could take over at the other inside position. He would definitely be a better option than Brinkley in coverage, but, while Dansby can take the point of attack, Brinkley is the stereotypical "thumper" you want to have alongside of Washington.

Dansby, wanting to be "legendary," is not a Cardinal to be a part time player. I don't see him complaining about playing time, but he would not be pleased.

It is a good problem to have, but it may result in seeing Brinkley or Minter play less than originally anticipated.

Of course, there is another reason why the team is willing to bring in a starting caliber player -- they are expecting the worst when it comes to Washington. That would mean Dansby filling in full time for Washington and Minter and Brinkley both getting worked in.

You'd hate for that to be the reason, but it is definitely a possibility.

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