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What will it take for Karlos Dansby to make the Ring of Honor?

Has he already reached that level?

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

In his introductory press conference, linebacker Karlos Dansby talked about one reason that he signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals was to "become legendary" and that he aspired to make the team's Ring of Honor.

Kansby already is part of the most exciting moments in team made it mast the first round of the playoffs following the 2009 season. He scored the winning touchdown in overtime.

He has played 90 games as a Cardinal. He has 10 picks as a Cardinal and 444 tackles. He has sacked the quarterback 25.5 times.

What will he have to do to be worthy of the Ring of Honor? How many more years would he have to play in Arizona? Would it take one solid year and a playoff run?

Or is it something he really can't do?

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