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ROTB flashback: Talking Bobby Massie and Jeremy Bridges

On this date a year ago, almost everyone thought that Jeremy Bridges would be the starter at right tackle.

Christian Petersen

A year can change things. On this date in 2012, we were talking about the offensive line. Now that is not a surprise, especially considering the fact that we are still talking about the offensive line.

As of right now, we think that two positions are pretty set -- Lyle Sendlein will start at center and Bobby Massie will start at right tackle. We also know that Jonathan Cooper will start somewhere at guard.

It is thought that Levi Brown will be the left tackle.

Last year, Massie was part of the conversation, only we wondered about whether he could end up being the starter at right tackle.

Pretty much the consensus was that Bridges was going to be the starter.

Here is what was written:

Bridges is what he is. He is an average lineman who has good games and bad. He does add something the line. He plays with a little bit of an edge -- which can be a detriment sometimes. But while Levi Brown on one side is the quiet type, Bridges gets fired up.

Massie is the unknown commodity, but was projected to be drafted much higher. There were questions about his mental toughness.

Bridges was best.

We don't know exactly what happened during the preseason, but it became apparent that Bridges did something to get into the Ken Whisenhunt dog house. He ended up hurting his thumb and, even though it was an injury that would have kept him our of action for a few weeks, the team placed him surprisingly on injured reserve.

He was later given an injury settlement and signed with the Cariolina Panthers.

In the end, Massie started all 16 games and looked absolutely atrocious for the first half of the season, and then very good over the second half.

What are you thinking now, a year later?

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