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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Tweets, news, reactions

A quick rundown on the most pertinent information from the first day of OTAs


The Arizona Cardinals had their first day of voluntary organized team activities (OTAs). There was an injury, there was some news on the offensive line, and we see an early look at the linebacker food chain.

Since I wasn't able to make it to practice, here are some tweets and some of my reactions to what happened.

A non-contact injury:

Wide receiver LaRon Byrd gave everyone a scare.

Byrd was one of the guys that got a lot of attention from fans and the press last offseason. As was the case with pretty much every offensive player, he didn't have any impact once the season rolled around, and who knows what his chances will be of making the squad this year?

Fortunately, it probably is not serious.

Offensive line:

The move of Colledge to the right side answers several questions. The team intends on Jonathan Cooper starting at left guard. Colledge also appears to still be in their plans. I also like that Rachal is the one running the first team. While the team really wants Cooper to start, the message is still there -- earn your spot.

This is actually something I like. Arians and Ken Whisenhunt are not polar opposites. The both expect competition to happen. The difference is that Arians expects his rookies to play early and be effective. But Cooper still has to prove he is more talented than the guys in front of him.


It should not be surprising that Dansby was working with the first team. He needs the reps and he is going to be starting for at least the first four weeks of the season, so they might as well have him starting now.

As for the edge, we have our first bit of intrigue. Alexander over Schofield. Consider the message sent. Of course, Schofied is also recovering from an injury.

On special teams, on the punt team, Jamell Fleming and Justin Bethel were the gunners. Michael Adams is officially replaced.

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