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Will Daryl Washington even start after his suspension?

With the addition of Dansby, it could be hard for the Pro Bowl linebacker to get on the field.


We have already noted how linebacker Daryl Washington is no longer working as a starter in OTAs. Rather than Washington, it is recently signed Karlos Dansby that is running with the starters on defense.

I have already said how that makes sense right now, as Washington is going to miss the first four games of the regular season with his four game league substance abuse suspension. They need to give Dansby reps.

We have also discussed already how Dansby might fit in once the suspension is over. However, an interesting point was brought up on the Doug and Wolf show on Arizona Sports 620 when I was driving home from work. Ron Wolfley does not believe that Washington will simply be given the starting job back after his suspension is up.


For one, Dansby is a starter in the league. He is not a replacement player, the guy filling in. He is a respected veteran in the league. At the same time, Wolfey fully believes that Dansby is going to shine. If he is playing at a high level, how can you take him off the field?

So the question to discuss is this -- assuming Washington comes back after his suspension, will he be the starter again? Will he push Dansby to the other inside position? Will Washington have to wait his turn and work his way into different packages? Will Dansby play at a high level that keeps Washington off the field?

How do you think this will play out after Week 4?

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