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2013 NFL free agents: Former Cardinals QB Brian Hoyer signs with Cleveland Browns

He is expected to get a shot in something.


Quarterback Brian Hoyer's name has come up more than once this offseason as a guy that could ending up starting somewhere. Of course, part of that reason was simply because the Arizona Cardinals had perhaps the worst quarterback situation in the league.

Now, after the team released him, he has signed a two-year contract to join the Cleveland Browns.

He is expected to compete for the number two job with Jason Campbell behind starter Brandon Weeden.

It was interesting in the offseason for Hoyer. Ken Whisenhunt, the former Cardinals head coach, believed that Hoyer might be a real solution to the Cards' QB problems. Arizona offered him a second round tender, as he was a restricted free agent, which is a story itself because he just missed accruing enough time to be an unrestricted free agent.

The Cards tendered him and then signed Drew Stanton to a three-year contract. It appeared that he would get a chance to compete. However, once the Cards traded for Carson Palmer, Hoyer, due to make $2 million, was pushed to third string on a contract with no guaranteed money.

His contract made it so that there was little chance he would be kept, and he was released.

However, things got better on Thursday with his contract with the Browns. It means that he got some guaranteed money, and truthfully, if he can beat out Campbell, you have to think he may get a starting shot, either because of injury or because of Weeden's ineffectiveness.

While he was on the team only a short time, the general sentiment seems to be, from players and media equally, that lots of people are rooting for him.

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