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Yeremiah Bell, a horse?

That's the word he used to describe himself....sort of

Drew Hallowell

Arizona Cardinals fans have been used to big safeties with notable physiques. While Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes are no longer with the team, one of the players that the team added to replace them is also known for his muscles.

This time is it safety Yeremiah Bell, whose biceps are massive (check out the photo on Darren Urban's blog post on Bell). Of course, this is nothing new. Players like David Boston, Marcell Shipp, Michael Pittman and others have also cannon upper arms.

The funny part about Bell? The rest of his build doesn't exactly match. He has skinny legs.

"When I was in Miami (with the Dolphins), the guys always used to get on me, saying I looked like a linebacker up top and a receiver down low," Bell said, chuckling. "I told them it was good, because I'm from Kentucky. I asked them if they had ever seen a thoroughbred horse. A thoroughbred horse has little bitty legs and is big up top. I am a thoroughbred from Kentucky. That's how I explain it to them."

At 35, he has been very durable and he has been to a Pro Bowl.

Does it make a difference if he has huge arms? Only if it means making more tackles or picking off more passes.

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