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This date in ROTB history: Beanie Wells injured and the Kolb/Skelton competition

OTAs were going on and the site was right in the middle of our wonderful quarterback battle.


What were we all talking about a year ago? Well, since there isn't a ton of other news, we can do that. Back in May 2012, the team was in the middle of OTAs. However, while Kevin Kolb and John Skelton were splitting the first team snaps, running back Beanie Wells was sitting out.

Here is what a pair of articles said from that day:

Kolb and Skelton were on even ground:

"I think the knee-jerk reaction would be to say that it is Kevin's job to lose. But then you have to look at what John Skelton did last year in winning those games when he was in there. So I think you have to give John a lot of credit for winning those games. I certainly have a lot of respect for Kevin and what he's done in this league and we made the commitment to bring him in to our football team. So it's going to start out as even as it possibly can, and we're going to let the best player take it from there. We did that many years ago when we had Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart, and it worked out pretty good for us. So hopefully we'll have that same kind of magic."

We have tried to erase the memories, but 2012 magic did not happen. Correction. There was magic for the first four weeks. After that, crap. It turned out that Whisenhunt was true to his word that the contract wouldn't matter, but Skelton had a terrible year.

This year, there is no "competition" for the starter's job. Not everyone on the site thinks this is great.

Airwave: I want an open competition anyways.

Jesse Reynolds: I want to believe him but I think it's Kolbs to lose in reality

As for Beanie,it was starting off the offseason with knee problems.

It would be unwise of the Cardinals to force both Williams and Wells to come back at this juncture. Yes, OTAs do help, but health is far more important. If they can both be ready by the time training camp rolls around, that will benefit them more anyhow.