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Bruce Irvin suspension: A chance for Cardinals fans to mock a rival

The Seahawks seem to have a thing with PEDs


Bruce Irvin of the Seattle Seahawks was suspended four games under the league's performance enhancing drugs policy. While he has reacted well and said the right things, there is something that makes you think a moment, and that is the culture of PEDs and the Seattle Seahawks.

The dots have been connected elsewhere. ESPN's Mike Sando wrote about how four other Seattle players have been suspended under the same policy and a fifth was suspended but successfully appealed it, since 2011.

Now, Arizona Cardinals fans can empathize a bit because linebacker Daryl Washington is already suspended for the Cards for the first month, but it was not for PEDs. He was suspended under the substance abuse policy.

However, that doesn't mean we can't mock the 'Hawks.

So....tell us what you think about another Seahawks player being connected to PEDs?

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