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Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer loves the draft/ Matt Barkley and welcomes gays

Newly acquired Arizona Cardinal quarterback Carson Palmer became a chatterbox the last few days and opined far ranging views from going deep to playing with Barkley to the possible ease of a gay NFL player coming out.


Carson Palmer had a few interviews this week in which he spoke of many differing subjects:

First of all, on how he get's greedy come draft time, the understanding of the offensive line's woes last season and the appreciation he has for new coach Bruce Arians plays and timing.

Secondly, while maybe possibly acknowledging the failure of USC passers to the next level he thinks the Philadelphia Eagles got "an absolute steal" with selecting Matt Barkley in the fourth round. Also adding, "he can absolutely play and ... excited to prove people wrong".

Lastly, he throws his voice into the current chic, faddish sports topic - a player announcing their sexual orientation and the effects it could have on a team, saying 'there wouldn't be any issues in the locker room" and with NBA center Jason Collins admitting he was gay earlier this week, "has opened the door..and made it easier for guys to follow in his footsteps". And after playing with Chad Ochocinco and in RaiderLand, he's probably seen enough that nothing surprises him anymore.