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Draft Day Moving to May?

The NFL, and the NFLPA are working on a deal to move the Draft from April to May.


It's been known that the NFL has wanted to change their offseason calendar for quite some time now, but they could not seem to make any headway, only remaining a possibility and not much of an action. However a tweet and a report later by ESPN's Adam Schefter, it seems that it is finally coming to fruition.

It is believed that the NFL will move the draft back into May for 2014 as a trial, leaving the rest of the schedule relatively intact. This comes as a scheduling conflict between the NFL Draft and the Radio City Rocketts are scheduled around the same time late in April.

NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, have yet to sit down and officially discuss it, but have been in communication over the phone, and sources close to both parties says that the talks have been incredibly positive.

One interesting tidbit is that the NFL does not need the NFLPA's permission to change the draft date, so even if talks went south, Goodell could move it on his own. The only time he would need permission is the official start of the league year.

Personally I don't like the idea. It means that we have to wait longer for the big day, and as a blogger on ROTB it means less news to get out.