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Carson Palmer 'so excited' for offense, thinks Arizona Cardinals 'a good match' for him

The Cardinals quarterback was on ESPN's NFL Live talking to Trey Wingo.


With an offseason of change for both the Arizona Cardinals and quarterback Carson Palmer, Trey Wingo of ESPN had Palmer to talk about the changes and what lays ahead of him.

Here is a transcription of the interview, followed by some observations:

On why the Cardinals are the right team

"I just think it's a good match. I've had a chance to come and meet a lot with Coach Arians, Coach Moore and the coaching staff, and what they're trying to do offensively fits some of my strengths and what I do well. Larry Fitzgerald doesn't hurt the equation."

What makes Larry Fitzgerald a special WR?

"He's a workhorse. He's a blue collar kind of guy. He's a leader. He leads by example. He does the right things. He says the right things. He's in the right place at the right time. He catches the ball with his hands every single time the ball is thrown to him, and he attackes the football. That's the one thing I've noticed is that he doesn't just let the ball come to him. Whatever route it is, it could be a comeback, it could be a a go route, he goes up and gets the football where the football is."

Assessing his time in Okaland

"It was just wild. It was really bad timing I think. Salary cap-wise, they had a ton of issues. Obviously when Mr. Davis passed, there was a bit of turmoil going on in the organization because basically when you've had a guy that's run it well so long, and then a new regime comes in, there's always some catchup to play. Just really ended up being a bad time for me to be there."

On working with Bruce Arians and Tom Moore

"I am so excited to be in this offense. It's not anything I've ever done. I think Coach Arians likes to attack and throw the ball down the field, which I like to do, and Coach Moore likes to protect the quarterback and create nice pockets and scheme defensive pressures and blitzes and make sure the quarterback is standing upright."

On if he has something to prove

"Absolutely. I've always felt you've got something to prove every year. Especially last year when three or four young quarterbacks come into the league and just take it by storm. Us older guys have a lot to prove this year and myself, especially after a quick year and a half run in Oakland like I had. I'll be here for the entire year, all the OTAs, all that, and be with a bunch of guys that are learning a new system offensively and defensively. We have a long way to go, but I really believe that with team the sky is the limit."


There is a common theme with Palmer and what he says about the offense. He is excited. One of the words he used to describe it when the veterans attended their voluntary minicamp was "easy." However, it wasn't about its simplicity. He noted how it was easy to see its success because of the tape there is on it and lots of success. I got from that that it was easy to buy into.

His words about Moore are the first of their sort I have heard or read. I like the fact that he enjoys protecting the quarterback. In fact, that combination of Arians and Moore I think are perfect. Arians' offense means that the quarterback will get hit, but with the work of Moore, that should be mitigated at least some.

We already know how wonderful Fitz is.

Palmer is keenly aware of his situation as a veteran quarterback. he knows he needs to perform to stay in the league.

Does anything stick out to you?

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