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NFL over/under picks: Vegas sets Arizona Cardinals line at 5 wins for 2013

Vegas sports books don't see the Cardinals winning any more games than they did a season ago.

David Becker

We are still months away from the commencement of the 2013 NFL season, but you can already start betting on how many wins you think your team will get. In 2012, the Arizona Cardinals were a tough bet, with their over/under set at seven games.

This year, Vegas isn't expecting much for the Cardinals. According to RJ Bell at, the over/under for Arizona in 2013 is a measly five games. To put that in perspective, that is the lowest betting line for wins in the league, tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars...the freaking Jags.

It makes sense. To start with, the Cards are not a widely bet team, so the over/under needs to be a little on the low end to get people to wager something. At the same time, outside of Arizona, there just is little love for the Cards, especially when they play the 49ers and the Seahawks twice each.

What about the rest of the division?

San Fran's line is at 11.5, Seattle is set at 10.5 and the Rams are at seven.

Vegas also has some playoff picks already. In the NFC, they pick the Niners, Packers and the Falcons to win their divisions, with the Seahawks and Saints as the wild cards. However, the NFC East is too close to project. In the AFC, the Patriots, Texans, Broncos and Steelers are picked as division winners, with the Ravens and Colts landing the wild cards spots.

The question is...would you bet the over or the under on the Cards? I am not a betting man, but I think I take the over this year.

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