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NFL OTAs: Bruce Arians calls out Arizona Cardinals offense

But to be fair, the defense is almost always ahead of the offense this time of year.


After the start of another week of OTAs, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is not happy with the offense so far. When he spoke to the media on Tuesday, he made public those sentiments, via the team's official home page.

While the players are giving the expected effort, they aren't executing. "It's just that right now, our defense is way outplaying our offense," said Arians. "The offense needs to pick it up. We are behind where I'd like to be right now."

He explained that the unit just wasn't picking things up quickly enough.

Now, is this not expected? Remember, the offense was terrible a year ago and the defense was very good.

Arians notes that "for the defense it's a little easier, to put in a defense than it is an offense and have some continuity." It is especially so because Todd Bowles is installing a defensive system that, according to players, is not too different than what Ray Horton ran.

Another important fact -- at this point in the offseason, the defense almost always is ahead of the offense,

This doesn't mean that Arians shouldn't be upset. He is an offensive coach by blood and he was hired largely because of the potential he had for turning around the offense.

Apparently, the receivers are a particular point of concern. Again, this does not surprise me. There are 13 on the roster. Only Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts have more than one season under their belt. Michael Floyd and LaRon Byrd are entering their second season, but Byrd only played 11 offensive snaps last year. The rest of the group has yet to play an NFL game. You wonder why there are so many receivers on the roster?

There is nothing wrong with Arians making public this disappointment. It is a calculated move. He is making it public that he expects nothing like 2012. Fans need to hear it, the media loves hearing things like this and the players need to hear it out there so they know how important it is that they pay attention to details.

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