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Tyrann Mathieu hopes to fulfill family obligations with Arizona Cardinals

After signing his first professional contract, he feels he is part of the Cardinals family.

Christian Petersen

By all accounts, Arizona Cardinals rookie safety Tyrann Mathieu has turned things around in his life. He has been clean for several months and has been integrated into the life and family of Patrick Peterson. Now he is officially a member of the Arizona Cardinals, as he signed a four-year rookie contract on Thursday.

The Cardinals got a discount initially on the money they pay Mathieu up front, a way to protect them in case he goes back to bad habits, but Mathieu will get all that money he is entitled to (all $662,500 of guaranteed money) as long as he avoids drug problems, regardless of whether or not he remains on the Cardinals roster.

However, the way Mathieu talks, he feels very strongly about not letting people down and intends to not repeat the past. As quoted in a Darren Urban blog post, Mathieu now feels obligated to the Cardinals family.

"I knew it was a long shot and it would be a process, but to finally sit down and sign my name on the dotted line means a lot to me," he said about getting the deal done.

If there are doubters still about the kid, know that his perspective has changed. "I'm part of a family now, so I'm obligated to the community and the entire Arizona Cardinals organization," Mathieu said. "The Bidwill family, Steve Keim, the coaching staff, I'm obligated to everybody now. It's my responsibility."

Something to live for is always the best motivation for changing your life. To view the organization as a family says a lot. It means that there is love and responsibility. There will be support for him and there is internal motivation for him to not let people down.

As he has since being drafted, he is at least saying the right things.

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