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Why hasn't Kerry Rhodes signed with another team?

The Former Arizona Cardinals safety joins other members from last season still looking for employment.

Christian Petersen

From most accounts, Kerry Rhodes was an above average player on an above average defense for the Arizona Cardinals last season.

Yet he, Paris Lenon and Michael Adams, among a few others from that defense, remain unemployed and looking the outside in before the end of the organized training activities and minicamps.

Why? Was it the former defensive coordinator Ray Horton's scheme? Age and/or contract worries? Off the field issues? Maybe a combination/part of all the sums?

With some of the defensive players, the decision is easy. Vonnie Holiday and Nick Eason - while probably serviceable - are nearing retirement age. James Sanders is getting long in the tooth also and will be serving a four game suspension at the beginning of the season for substance abuse. The NFL is young man's game and being older while being fined by the league or not - your chances get slimmer by the year.

And while some former AZ Cardinals offensive players face the same situation - Beanie Wells failed the Steelers' physical because of a "bad wheel", Early Doucet according to the going joke, was handed his walking papers and promptly dropped them - most of the reasoning of why they haven't signed is legitimate. The defensive side of the ball roster turnover is more interesting.

Michael Adams is "Money Mike", the pre-Tyrann Mathieu before Mathieu, less a few inches and supposed drug problems. He was the guy that got all into Aaron Rodger's grill (possible facemask?) in the AZ/GB playoff game that forced the fumble that had the Cardinals move on. He, while short in height - is long on heart. He is a special team guy extraordinaire.

And he's looking for a job.

Paris Lenon is 35 - way past the milk-expiration date of NFL players - yet somehow he's held on and thrived. He's only missed one game the last nine years and had over 100 tackles 4 of the last 6 seasons. Been a team captain last two campaigns and also had 7 sacks and 3 INTs for a player, that I feel in Horton's alignment was to be the guy that stayed back for containment. He's Gerald Hayes, Part II - minus the back problems.

And he's looking for a job.

Kerry Rhodes, like Lenon has only missed the one game in the last nine years except for the foot injury in 2011. He seems to exemplify the free safety position with excellent instincts in playing the NFL centerfield slot. A former team captain with the Jets, money may have been an issue. Reportedly, the front office asked for a contract renegotiation of a substantial decrease of his previous 6 mil a year and was met with angry bird eyes by his agent. Arguably, the MVP of last season's defense this player, despite the supposed deflecting off-field "Hollywood" lifestyle should have been re-signed - yet, say it with me.....

And he's looking for a job.

I'm assuming most of the players not getting play is because of the new coaching regime. Head Coach Bruce Arians and Defensive Coordinator Todd Bowles want to do things their way and past results are just that - misty colored memories in the corner of their minds that remind them of the way they were, when they really want to state they "cant hold us" (which is a "hip" as I'm going to be with searching Billboard with Macklemore). And that's the way you change a culture of losing is by changing things up. Kinda like the way Ken Whisenhunt overhauled the Denny Green roster, by choosing Russ Grimm as his offensive line coach, not knowing how the hire would affect his job status.

By the way, Russ Grimm...?

He, like Kerry Rhodes, is looking for a job, also.