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Is Larry Fitzgerald a lock to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

One CBS Sports writer says so.

Norm Hall

You are an Arizona Cardinals fan. Someone asks you this question -- Does Larry Fitzgerald deserve to be a Hall of Famer? Your reaction? A long, awkward stare and then loud guffawing in mockery of the question, so to make the asker of the question feel inept for having even asked the question.

Yes, any Arizona Cardinals fan would say Fitz is a lock for Canton, Ohio.

CBS Sports' Pat Kirwan also believes that Fitz already is a lock, along with players like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Charles Woodson, Ed Reed and Tony Gonzalez.

Why is Fitz a lock, as in if his career ended today, he would still make it?

Can you imagine what Fitzgerald's numbers would be if the Cardinals had good quarterbacks throughout his career? In 146 total games he has 806 receptions, 86 touchdowns and 101 receptions over 25 yards. Michael Irvin is in the HOF with 837 receptions, 77 touchdowns and 98 receptions over 25 yards in 23 more games than Fitzgerald.

That's a pretty solid case. It doesn't even mention the record setting postseason he had when he and Kurt Warner led the Cards to the Super Bowl following the 2008 season.

Although he has been overshadowed by Calvin Johnson and perhaps Andre Johnson the past couple of seasons, Fitz has been known as the best receiver in the game for most of his career. There was even a time when people debated whether or not he was the best player period in the game.

Now, to turn the tables a bit, perhaps using Michael Irvin is not the best comparison. Yes, the numbers match up, but Irvin was part of a dynasty that also had a Hall of Fame running back and quarterback. Dynasties tend to get their best players into the Hall, even if the numbers are less than others.

Fitz has spent most of his career on dreadful teams. Also, look how long it took for Cris Carter to make it. It's hard for the receivers to get in, and with the change in NFL offenses to have astronomical passing numbers, this devalues what Fitz is worth, and all other future receiver candidates for Canton.

However, the bottom line is that we already know that he is a lock for the Hall. We know it, you know it, and we know you know it.

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