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Tyran Mathieu reportedly subject to up to 10 drug tests per month

Is this something that we should consider fair?


Enough has bee said and written about the checkered past that Arizona Cardinals rookie safety Tyran Mathieu has had. It is what got him kicked off the LSU football team and had him going more than a year without playing football.

After being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals, he gets a chance to redeem himself. However, all is not forgotten.

Many of you have already read this elsewhere, but according to a report on, Mathieu will be facing up to 10 drug tests monthly, as someone close to the situation. He enters the NFL already in the league's substance abuse program.

Mathieu himself said he would be willing to be tested weekly to prove that he is clean. Being in the league's substance abuse program, he has no choice but to submit to testing.

Now, is the supposed number of 10 what the program mandates? Nope.

The league's policy says this about a player entering the program like Mathieu:

In Stage One, the Medical Director may require the player to submit to as many Tests for substances of abuse as, in his discretion, are required to adequately evaluate the player, and those Tests shall be administered under the direction of the Medical Advisor.

There is no set number that has to take place.

So the question of the day for you today is this -- if up to 10 tests is the actual amount, do you think that it is fair? Or is it excessive? After all, even though smoking dope is not permitted by most workplaces, to be tested that many times could be considered invasive.

Should Mathieu simply be happy that he even has a shot in the league? After all, he gets tons of money to play a game. But does it even make sense to test someone that often?

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