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5/27 Arizona Cardinals news: Memorial day and a look back at the last week

Your daily Cardinals and NFL roundup.


There's not much new going on, especially with the Cardinals, as Memorial Day weekend happens to be the NFL's slowest news weekend of the year. So instead of some of what came out on Saturday, here is what you may have missed right here on ROTB.

In case you missed it here:

NFL over/under picks: Vegas sets Arizona Cardinals line at 5 wins for 2013 - Revenge of the Birds
It is the lowest in the league.

Do the Arizona Cardinals have enough talent at tight end? - Revenge of the Birds
With tight end Jeff King ailing again, should the team look for other options?

Arizona Cardinals offseason: Looking at the OLB and their pass rushing impact - Revenge of the Birds
Seth Cox looks at the current personnel at the position and their strengths and weaknesses. Do the Cardinals have the players they need and will they have a positive impact in 2013?

NFL 2013 win projections: How changing defensive systems affect the 2013 Arizona Cardinals? - Revenge of the Birds
And how is it different than a 2-gap scheme?

Arizona Cardinals offseason: Nate Potter playing bigger, ready to play guard, talks about running game - Revenge of the Birds
Arizona Cardinals second year offensive lineman Nate Potter was on the radio the other afternoon. He was a guest on XTRA 910 and spoke with Mike Jurecki.

Tyrann Mathieu hopes to fulfill family obligations with Arizona Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds

He continues to say the right things about being responsible.

Javier Arenas says Arizona Cardinals defense can be 'as good as it wants to be' - Revenge of the Birds

The Arizona Cardinals acquired cornerback Javier Arenas from the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for fullback Anthony Sherman at the beginning of May. Now Arenas is battling for playing time at...


Mike Shanahan believes Robert Griffin III can be an all-time great -

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan says that Robert Griffin III can be an all-time great if he can continue to be as productive as he was in 2012.

NFL news roundup: Jay-Z under investigation, Canty takes Flacco over Eli -

The rapper may be in hot water with his new venture, while former Giant Chris Canty may not get a Christmas card from the Manning family

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