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NFL changes NFL Draft date, leaves rest of the 2014 offseason unchanged

The changes are less drastic than what many thought could have happened.


The NFL announced the new schedule for the 2014 offseason. As expected, the 2014 NFL Draft will be a different weekend, but it will not be pushed back as far as many had believed it would be.

Originally, according to Albert Breer, the league was looking at holding the annual draft during May 15-17. Instead, it will take place from May 8-10 at Radio City Music Hall, where it has taken place for years.

As for the other important dates in the offseason, those don't change. The beginning of the new league year will be March 11, while the NFL Scouting Combine will still be held in Indianapolis from February 18-25.

The league would like to move the Combine later into March and the new league year commencement in April. As of yet, the NFLPA is not willing to change them. A change in those dates would require approval from the NFLPA.

What does this mean? It means that the mothers of the potential draftees will get a fantastic Mother's Day gift anywhere from one to three days early, knowing that their sons will be NFL players.

What else? TWO MORE WEEKS OF MOCK DRAFTS! YES! I mean, people love mocks, right? Plus, we get more time to speculate and pick apart the supposed weaknesses of these college kids.

However, it does mean that rookies will not be able to have as many reps in OTAs, which is one negative, unless teams move back some of their OTAs for everyone. The Cardinals held their first round of OTAs from May 14-16, but that came after they already had their rookie minicamp, which was May 10-12.

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