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Arizona Cardinals rookies still not signed collectively

With the 2011 CBA basically providing a rookie wage scale, some Arizona Cardinals draft choices are still not under contract.


It's coming and more than likely, very soon. Just not yet.

The Arizona Cardinals are trying to join the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints as the only NFL teams to sign all their draft picks so far this offseason. With both the league and the NFLPA agreeing to a rookie compensation scale after the last lockout, chances are it should be happening in short order.

The bottom order of the team's selections have been decided with only first round choice, Johnathan Cooper and fourth round guys Alex Okafor and Earl Watford not putting pen to paper.

A reset of the signings so far in descending order with 2013 base yearly salary and prorated signing bonuses (annual salaries will increase with each year still on team), and all rookie deals per CBA are required to be 4 years: (numbers courtesy of Over the Cap)

D.C. Jefferson tight end 7th round

$405,000 with $15,062 signing bonus

Andre Ellington running back 6th round

$405,000 with $25,906 signing bonus

Ryan Swope wide receiver 6th round

$405,000 with $25,947 signing bonus

Stepfan Taylor running back 5th round

$405,000 with $50,125 signing bonus

Tyrann Mathieu free safety 3rd round

$405,000 with $66,250 signing bonus and $99,375 roster bonus

Kevin Minter inside linebacker 2nd round

$405,000 with $393,236 signing bonus

So what kind of numbers can we expect for Watford, Okafor and Cooper?

Per the "slotting", Watford, the 116th overall selection, should receive the same $405,000 salary with a nearly $110,000 yearly signing bonus. Green Bay's G JC Tretter (who has sinced broke his leg) picked at #122 received a $103,977 bonus and Carolina Panther's G Edmund Kugbila at #108 signed for a $114,114 bonus.

Okafor's bookend salary draft similarities at #103 include the player picked next in Miami Dolphin's Jelani Jenkins got a $118,172 bump while Tennessee Titan's Zaviar Gooden has also yet to be signed. Okafor should a expect a yearly signing bonus of close to $119,000.

Cooper, being the a first rounder, will of course, receive the greatest amount of guaranteed money for this year's Arizona draft class. And while few of his fellow compatriates have signed on the dotted line - like the other rookies - they're basically pinned to certain high and low median, which should be for a #7 should be close to an annual 2.6 million dollar in addition to his basic yearly salary.

Since the numbers are so closely defined and rooted, it would be no surprise to see all Arizona Cardinal rookies signed and under the team's wings by next week's organized team activities or by the June 11th minicamp at the latest.