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Darnell Dockett likes Carson Palmer, calls him best teammate ever

The defensive lineman is won over again by a quarterback.


Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett has been one player to be very critical of the quarterback play for the team the past couple of years. After the 2010 season, he was very vocal on Twitter about it. However, when the trade for Kevin Kolb went down, all it took was five minutes of talking to him and he was sold.

Dockett was also one to point out how the team was winning in 2011 with John Skelton at quarterback.

In 2012, he was on the record as saying that he wanted a guy who just wouldn't screw things up and turn the ball over.

Now, Dockett is thrilled.

How do we know? By what he said about Carson Palmer, as quoted by Mike Silver in his feature on Palmer.

"That's my guy," he said of Palmer. "He's the [expletive] best teammate ever."

It's hard to tell what exactly Palmer has done so far, but I think it has more to do with the track record Palmer already has and the fact he works hard.

Larry Fitzgerald had words of praise as well.

"He is a wonderful teammate. He's a hard worker. We will get after it, and I'm excited about it. It's been great getting to know him, and him getting to know us. He has been stabilizing for us thus far, and that feels great. I know [the rest of our] teammates concur."

Is Palmer that much better a teammate than Skelton or Kolb? Does he really work harder than they did?

Honestly, I have to doubt it. What is all this gushing from Dockett? I think it is just related to the fact that things are new. Plus, he likes the new defensive system. We haven't seen him this happy in quite a while.

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